COURSE 19: Team Building



This program will focus on Building Self Awareness ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ and Managing Change. We would like to propose a Teambuilding Program that incorporates Experiential Learning methodology and approaches. Venue: Pangkor Island or Langkawi Island.


This program will incorporate ‘Team Learning & Adventure Journey’ from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson and a CSR Team activity at an Orphanage home. The ‘Team Learning & Adventure Journey’ will be followed by Outdoor experiential team activities and Program closure with team reflection and action plans. Venue: Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson.


Combination of:

  1. Team Coaching System (TCS) :A system develop by streamlining all fundamental action elements in a person to enable individual to gain support, build team spirit and lead team effort into agreed team goals and objectives for team excellence through structured inter team rivalry
  2. Advanced Experiental Learning (AEL) : A process devised to accelerate the learning curve. Experientially designed by taking into account factors involving human capital development, whole brain learning, thinking methodologies, cognitive behaviour, individual skill and multiple intelligent. Venue: Taman Negara, Pahang or The Royal Belum, Perak

Course Objectives

Some think this is about playing silly games, or indulging in expensive and irrelevant out of work activities. The managers or business people who believe this will quickly dismiss the concept as a total waste of money and energy. Others who have problems in their workplace with conflict in groups, poor performance or demotivated staff may see team building as positive, but as an unattainable goal. They do not have a clear understanding of team building, or, indeed of the role of leadership in achieving high performance.

Team building is a PROCESS that takes place over time. The start of the process is where there is a group of people, two or more, and a leader. The end of the process is where there is a high performing team, who are highly motivated to perform better and better, who have well-developed processes and systems to organise their workload, and who gain immense satisfaction from their shared achievements.

The overall objectives are to achieve this high performance, to develop the group through the various stages of development, until it achieves high performance. However, like any other process, there are different steps or stages, and there are quite different objectives and goals at each stage. Focussing on the RIGHT objectives at each stage, and changing your objectives as you go through the process, will help you achieve high performance.

Course Overview

If team building and other offsite events are to offer value, their inclusion in an overall corporate structure of philosophies, values and practices is critical.

Teamwork That Works! is about the process of supporting a work group to operate in a team-oriented environment that is characterized by such philosophies as shared purpose, shared values, shared vision, shared mission and a performance development system that enables people to grow both personally and professionally. It is ideal for organizations with a high mix of seniority in age, experience and competency. This program is designed to give participants a distinct advantage over other organizations that don't believe in Team Power and Transformation. The program creates awareness for teamwork and has participants devoted to achieving self-empowerment as individuals and as a team to reach new heights and create new paradigms in working relationships.

Focuses on the following areas:

  • Commitment
  • Ownership
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration

3 Days, 2 Nights or 2 Days, 1 Night : Customizable
DAY 1 - Friday

0600 - ETA
0700 - 0800 : Breakfast
0800 - 0930 : Ice Breaking
0930 - 1200 : Telematch
1200 - 1300 : Lunch at Restaurant
1300 - 1430 : Check In + Refresh
1430 - 1630 : Bamboo Rafting
1630 - 1730 : High Tea at Restaurant
1730 - 1900 : Management Games
1900 - 2000 : Rest / Refresh / Prayer
2000 - 2100 : Dinner at Restaurant
2100 - 2300 : Roll call
2300 : Lights off

DAY 2 - Saturday

0700 - 0730 : Nature’s Gym
0730 - 0830 : Breakfast at Restaurant
0830 - 1230 :Discovery > Boat ride to Orang Asli Island (Visit & CSR) > Jungle Trekking - Rafflesia search
1230 - 1430 : Picnic lunch at Sungai Nam Waterfall (packed lunch)
1430 - 1500 : Flying Fox Challenge
1500 - 1530 : Boat Ride to Resort
1530 - 1700 : Games
1700 - 1730:  Group Photo
1730 - 1830 : High Tea at Restaurant
1830 - 2000 : Rest + Refresh + Prayer
2000 - 2230 : BBQ Dinner, Management’s Speech, Group Presentation for Explore Race, Entertainment

DAY 3 - Sunday

0700 - 0800 : Breakfast
0800 - 1000 : Nature’s Hunt
1000 - 1100 : Management Games
1100 - 1200 : Prize Giving & Closing
1200 - 1230 : Check out
1230 - 1330 : Lunch at Restaurant
1400   : Departure to home destination

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